Developers release 4.1 unlock for Apple devices

Unlocking a 4.1 device

Unlocking, jailbreaking or cracking an Apple device running OS 4.1 is now possible. Image: respres / Flickr / CC- BY

Barely a month after iOS 4.1 was released by Apple, two developers have released  programs that allow Mac users to unlock their 4.1 devices. Both limera1n and greenpois0n are 4.1 unlock or “jailbreak” programs that hack through the security on Apple iOS products, such as iPods, iPads and iPhones. There is controversy about this 4.1 unlock, though, from the hacker community all the way to the patent office.

To jailbreak a phone with 4.1 unlock tools

“Jailbreaking” or unlocking a device, especially with 4.1 unlock tools, does a few specific things. Mostly, unlocking an iPhone or iPad means breaking apart the programming that runs the device so it can be edited to do whatever the programmer desires. A 4.1 unlock — as well as any jailbreak or unlock — will entirely void the warranty on the device.

The limera1n and greenpois0n 4.1 unlock tools

There was significant controversy when the 4.1 unlock by programmer Geohot was released. Greenpois0n, developed by the Chronic Dev team and intended to unlock the iOS 4.1, was set for a 10:10 a.m. release on 10/10/10. Geohot released his jailbreak a day earlier, however, beating Chronic Dev to the market. Limera1n was only available for the PC, however. As of today, however, the limera1n tool is also available for Mac, making two programs that can be used for your Apple product unlock.

Controversy over 4.1 unlocking tools

Since the idea of “locked” or proprietary programming on devices has been around, there have been people trying to crack that code. Some use the hacks to improve and develop upon the systems designed by the original companies. Others do it for the challenge. While some consumers are very happy for these jailbreaks that allow them to do as they wish with their devices, there are problems. The programming is a huge part of what separates an iPhone from a Blackberry or an Android device. If you can crack or jailbreak the programming, you are essentially removing the thing the company is selling. Though unlocking an iPhone is no longer illegal in all situations, it depends on why you are doing it. Plus, 4.1 unlock tools could allow you to do illegal things, which some say means they should be banned. Others argue that programming code has no place being patented, copyrighted or trademarked in the first place.


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