3 Day Potty Training May Not Require Payday Loans

But it Does Require Patience and Determination

I find that this method helps, too. But I don't personally need the 3 day potty training method – nope, not me!

I find that this method helps, too. But I don't personally need the 3 day potty training method – nope, not me!

Any parent of a toddler will tell you that there are times when diaper changing is more than an inconvenience. Words like “blowout” come to find, as well as the prerequisite horror that comes with such sticky territory. You may see London or you may see France, but you won’t see any underpants until little Johnny or Janie is ready to step up to the porcelain plate. However, you may just be able to put your little one on the fast track without psychological scarring, thanks to a new 3 day potty training method devised by “Professional Parenting Mentor and Coach” Lora Jensen. And it probably won’t require payday loans to pay for the service.

Heeey Batter-Batter, Heeey Batter-Batter

“Listen you, I’ll use these facilities when I’m damn well ready! Until then, you shall continue to sanitize my crevasse and be damn grateful for the opportunity! Starting right… [strains, then gives up] Well, not now… but soon!” – Stewart G. Griffin

According to Jensen, it is a fact that “the way you potty train can actually distract your child from the learning process, ignite power-struggles and leave you frustrated. Your child may even be “stuck” in pull-ups or other training pants for weeks or months to come.” Who wants that? You may have another little one on the way and rue the extra work, or junior may need to be completely potty trained before they can attend preschool.

Shoot the Bowl

Jensen believes that children 22 months or older are ready for the 3 day potty training course, even if they aren’t showing interest in the toilet. Even if rewards are no longer working, she has what she considers to be a highly effective method. If it’s actually true that “tens of thousands of parents” have had success with the 3 day potty training method, then sign me up. If it avoids negative reinforcement and pressure – “You’re a bad boy/girl” – then I can get behind it. Keep in mind that I don’t have a boy/girl, but someone might.

Don’t Time Your Children!

Taking them to the potty at set intervals is as inappropriate as feeding children on a set schedule. It can create tension and power struggles, and even go so far as to submerge some of your child’s independent nature and identity. Be gentle, do not use force and do not fight with your kids over potty training. The 3 day potty training method is apparently clear and very step-by-step. At 3DayPottyTraining.com, there’s even a 3 Day Potty Training Helpdesk to give advice for your specific situation. That mentoring has proven invaluable for many parents, claims Jensen.

Is This Expensive? Will I Need Payday Loans?

Apparently not. When I looked at 3DayPottyTraining.com, it was on special for $24. So if you think that 3 day potty training sounds like a good idea, click away. Diapers are too expensive – why not put away more for their college education?

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