What will happen to wildlife?

Gerenuk Deer

The beautiful gerenuk deer (Thinkstock)

Many of our wildlife have been in the news recently, as many are getting closer and closer to extinction and joining the list of endangered species. The only way to save them may be through our national parks and wildlife reserves. The significant efforts of wildlife reserves have and continue to help our animals.

Two Famous Reserve Parks

Perhaps the largest and most famous parks in Africa are the Masai Mara Game reserve of Kenya and the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania. These two parks are next to each other and they have no fences. Some of the animals you will find in these areas, which have the greatest populations of wildlife support, are gazelles, elands, zebras, elephants, lions and cheetahs. Still there are far fewer animals now than the number earlier European settlers had been used to seeing in past centuries. Explorers have traveled far, willing to even take out a short term loan just to visit wildlife reserves such as the ones located in Africa.

Some threats to our wildlife

One of the biggest reasons the wildlife value is going down is overpopulation. Other threats include diseases, drought, civil wars and poaching on an international scale. With regard to civil wars, many of the wildlife were killed to feed the hungry armies. Elephants were also slain for their tusks. This helped bring in money, which would then be used buy more weapons. It was a risky business for poachers and their lives because of how much a single tusk is worth.

Poaching and population

Even though poaching has decreased and Zambia has been given the rights to wildlife, conservationists are still concerned about the wildlife’s future. Many of the animals of Africa , such as crocodiles, buffalo, rhinos and lions, are not compatible with rural environments. As the population continues to grow, so do concerns conservationists have with this very challenging issue. People will have to go to greater lengths, like travel farther or take out a low-rate personal loan, just to admire the beautiful, breathtaking wildlife splendor.

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