A few safety precautions when repairing your car

A man working on car repairs.

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With today’s economy and rising cost of labor, many have chosen to take on the responsibility of car repairs on their own. Many of the repairs are part of the basic upkeep routine on a vehicle. These things include changing the plugs, oil, tires and so on. It is very important to have the right tools for the job at hand.

Safety should be of highest importance

Safety should be of high importance. You can easily hurt yourself when working in tight places under the hood. Sometimes when putting pressure on a certain tool, it can slip and cause damage. For example, a wrench could slip off the head of a bolt and crush your hands, causing substantial injury if not careful. Observing where your hand is and noting what could happen if the tool did slip can help protect you. Wearing gloves or wrapping a rag around your hand can also offer some protection.

You can try pulling the tool toward you instead of away, which can help in controlling the pressure you exert on it. Try not to be hasty when making repairs. Also, remember that many accidents occur because of the correct tool is not used. It is a good practice to wear safety goggles whenever working under the hood, as foreign particles can often land in the eyes. Wearing goggles is mandatory when working as a professional mechanic because even liquids, like battery acid, are hazardous.

Some suggested items

You may want to invest in a crate of some sort to keep basic tools and fluids in. Some suggested items could be jumper cables, reflectors or flares, flashlight, tools, duct tape, tow ropes, spare fuses and extra containers of fluids (antifreeze, brake fluid, oil and water) to make things easier when a car repair is needed.

Remember, when using a carjack to change a tire, make sure you put it in the right spot for the best and safest support. Looking at an owner’s manual for your make of car can show you where the best places are. Always be aware that any sudden force could make the car shift and fall off the jack.

It is a great responsibility we have to maintain our vehicles either routinely or in an emergency. If a major car issue arises leaving you in need of quick financing, you can always look into getting a payday loan or an installment loan with a basic credit check. Being safety conscious should always be a number one priority.

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