The elusive peace in Kashmir

An elderly woman from Kashmir

(Photo: Steve Evans/Flickr/CC-BY)

For many years now, Kashmir had been known to be a dangerous place to live because of conflicts surrounding the region, making peace elusive among its people. The conflict, however, does not stem from the country itself like other conflict-ridden countries but from its neighbors, such as Pakistan and India. Both countries are considered nuclear powers in conflict with one another in such a small space, threatening the Kashmir region.

The unresolved conflict of Kashmir

FOR more than 60 years ago, Kashmir has been the root cause for conflicts as to whether India or Pakistan should claim this tiny country. A total of three wars have been fought over this nation and its people, with no clear victor. Without conclusion of the conflict, the people of Kashmir face an uncertain future. This place was once a beautiful nation with a growing tourist industry, but now the beauty has been replaced with destructive terrorist activities and military incursions.

Kashmir’s dispute

Kashmir’s dispute stemmed from the separation of two British Indian Empire states into independent states, which turned into the Muslim Pakistan and the Hindu India. The Partition, as referred to by historians, started because of religion and threats of annihilation. Muslims in India believed their religious status would be overwhelmed in a Hindi Indian controlled state, thus the Muslim League demanded that Hindu and Muslim India should be separated. The Indian National Congress, which would later become the ruling party of India, rejected the proposal of the Muslim Indians but compromised by creating Pakistan.

Unknown to all at that time, the leaders of the ruling party expected Pakistan to eventually collapse from ongoing turmoil. However, Pakistan rose to become an independent and aggressive nation. The process of The Partition left traumatic memories on both sides because of  killings on the boarders of the two countries, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and millions of families homeless. With such animosity toward each other, it is impossible to see a peaceful resolution.

Hopes for a peaceful settlement

With activities such as rogue military movements, holding of elections, hosting human rights conventions and helping refugees, the United Nation’s mandate on the solution of the peace process will ensure a long term effect to both parties. Kashmir does hope that this governing body has the ability to pacify hostilities and ensure an effective conflict resolution. Sometimes, funding for these conventions may require some form of credit, like a payday loan or a low-rate personal loan, among other types.


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