Parenting discipline: Are you raising spoiled children?

Money burning

(Photo: Purple Slog/Flickr/CC-BY)

Can parenting make you money-hungry? Some can’t deny their children’s requests to have whatever they wish, and many go through great lengths to keep them happy. Often if parents didn’t have a lot of material possessions when they were children, they try to make up for it by ensuring their children are able to get whatever their little hearts desire. Another factor could be that they are afraid that if the kids are not given what they want, they will ultimately lose their children’s love.

Parenting influenced by the media

To make matters worse, the media play a big role in enticing children with the newest gadgets, computers, iPods, games, the latest fashions in clothing, etc., in television commercials. They are also seen in glamor magazines, teen sitcom shows, at stores and on friends wearing the latest cool brand of clothing. This adds more pressure on parents to make sure their children fit in with the rest of their peers or community. This can often cause parents to take out EZ credit check payday loans to cover short term spending sprees.

Raising spoiled children

Experience has shown that when children get whatever they want, they tend to become spoiled. The children, instead of showing they care and love their parents, become very unappreciative of the efforts their parents have shown in providing the gifts they want. Many of the items or latest gadgets they do receive are quickly forgotten and are no longer used or wanted.

It has often been observed that when children get whatever they want, whenever they ask for it, they typically won’t have the needed skills to cope with denials or disappointments as they grow into adults, simply because they do not understand the hard work involved in earning money. They have never had to obtain an installment loan for people with bad credit to make ends meet for the week. They may not be able to make it financially on their own and would then be forced to rely on the parents to help them through all the different phases of life. It can affect their ability to handle money matters in a marriage, and all of these are due entirely to the fact they never learned how to during their early years.

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