Multiculturalism fails in the U.S.

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Stepping away from the homogeneity of societies in the past has been a constant struggle since its ancient inception. People are torn between the rigors of integration and co-existence of those who are of a different ethnic or cultural background. Strides and advancement in multiculturalism became apparent at the end of the last century and the beginning of the present one. It is a deviation from the notion of nationhood. This idea is said to be the cornerstone of building countries because it forwards the idea that societies are to be of one ethnicity and cultural background.

Merging of two cultures

The question is, what are the consequences and effects of integrating and integrated culture? Merging of cultures often results in negative social backlash. There are successful multi-cultural communities, but there are also those that experience radical social problems due to the sudden incorporation of a different culture..

Social systems

The working and dynamics of society are built on cultural values and ethnic norms. The problem of multiculturalism this system has to deal and cope with are not just those of a certain, single culture, but of two, three or perhaps even more. This creates a wide array of social problems, chief of which are confusion as to the communal identity, a misconception as to right and wrong and which ideals the people should uphold.

These societal difficulties, although resolvable in many cases, cause significant conflicts and upheavals. Violence, conflict and divisions are heightened and aggravated. These symptoms are felt more by countries that have a long history of being culturally homogeneous. In the case of Germany, it has struggled to attain a level of multiculturalism that is an almost complete abandonment of its cultural roots.

The divide

Failure to integrate often creates lasting, deep-rooted rifts among people. This kind of social division easily escalates to conflicts and violence. History is riddled with examples of immense cultural divisiveness resulting in discrimination, ethnic wars, cultural atrocities and the like. It, in turn, has intensified current sociopolitical disputes, which magnify the precursors for war, genocide, hatred, political dissent and insurgent actions.

The social experiment

In a recent statement, Chancellor Merkel of Germany claimed that Germany has attempted to attain a significant degree of multiculturalism. The social experiment has begun to show signs of failure and decline; it has not forwarded the kind of sociocultural evolution its proponents hoped for. Instead, it sowed conflict and damaged society. Perhaps multiculturalism’s time has yet to arrive.


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