The importance of exercise, then and now

A woman sitting on a pink exercise ball.

(Photo: adria.richards/Flickr/CC BY-SA)

There is much advice given on how to exercise, how much time is needed, how many days a week you should dedicate to exercising, and so on. Often people become confused by all the information when it comes to what is best. There are a lot of health experts who disagree on fitness and nutrition, but one thing they do agree on universally is that if you want to be healthier, you must do some kind of physical exercise and be consistent with it.

Exercise was an everyday occurrence

In earlier generations, hard work was an everyday occurrence. People had to do all the labor manually, which required physical strength for things such as chopping wood, farming, plowing, hunting and building.

When it came to needing something from the nearest town or store, many would have to walk and carry supplies on their backs for long distances. After working all day during daylight hours, they would often come home only to find more repairs and other chores to get done. All of this took physical strength and endurance. In those days, there were no payday loans for help in distressing situations. They simply had to endure any way possible.

Better living conditions, less exercise

Today people have better living conditions, and this is largely due to advanced technology. Many jobs nowadays require less physical labor, making the workload much easier to bear. In modern times, most workers have a desk job. Many people these days work behind a computer screen eight to 10 hours a day which requires very little physical exertion. Big machines such as bulldozers, tractors and other equipment do all the work that used to be done manually by people with shovels and picks.

Decrease in exercise affects your whole being

The decrease in hard labor has been especially hard on young people. Video games and television in general have significantly contributed to the deduction of physical exercise. Many children today are often glued for hours playing games or watching movies, instead of running outside playing good, old-fashioned tag football or other games that require you to move around. Even if they can easily obtain a short term loan to help pay for monthly gym memberships, most would rather partake in less-physical activities.

Less active lifestyles lead to considerable weight gain. When you become inactive, you can lose the endurance and flexibility you once had. Not getting enough exercise can also leave a negative effect on your mental and emotional being, as well. So, with regard to exercise, it is absolutely important you remain consistently active. Include it in your daily and weekly routine and it will help with your overall state of being.

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