Hunger: A widespread challenge, even in U.S.

Poverty and Poor

Image: Mikael Altemark / Flickr / CC-BY

We are all aware that hunger exists in poverty stricken lands. However, lack of food is becoming a more and more challenging problem even in large cities these days. Many are worried what the future will look like regarding this problem.

Hunger affects all

Many people don’t even think of the possibility that our food supply could one day run out. Yet when an emergency crisis does happen, people run to get food supplies, and often the stores can run out quickly. Prices can suddenly be raised to double overnight. Requesting a pay day loan or cash advance my be too little too late to cover the skyrocketing prices.

Gasoline prices raise the cost of food

We can see how this could happen by the gas prices jumping sky high not to long ago. Because it is something everyone needs to get to work and other places, people still had to buy it. Many at this time took the bus, rode bicycles and cut recreational traveling down.

Will food run out before gasoline?

Food is something we need to live, so running out of food is not an option. The rapidly growing population has many concerned that the distribution of food suppliers will no longer be able to keep up with the demand. This is turn affects the safety and quality of our food. As more and more cities continue to grow because of the increase in population the more challenging it gets.

Hunger is brought about by many things

Food distribution problems could be affected by many things. Some of these are weather related like tsunamis or drought. It can even be affected because of war. The land we once had for farming is getting smaller and smaller with the growth of cities. This forces the suppliers of food to drive longer to get it, and this means higher gas prices so it raises the price of food to consumers as well. When an emergency does occur the poor will suffer even more severely.

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