How do you like your tea?

Handling oolong tea.

Oolong tea leaves (Photo: J Wynia/Flickr/CC-BY)

Drinking tea, for many, is a part of tradition. There are many different types of tea, such as Chinese, English, Japanese and Indian tea, to name a few. Teas come in a variety of colors, like black, green and red. They have different flavors and aromas, too. Some people like it plain while others prefer drinking it with sugar, cream or both. You may wonder the background all these different teas.

Where does tea come from?

The first documented mention of tea took place in China, and tea is grown in many different places worldwide today. Taiwan, for instance, produces high quality teas thanks to the mountains and higher altitudes in the area.

A good tea can be quite costly. Oolong tea has become very popular and is commonly used to aid in weight loss and for other health benefits. It is one of the more expensive teas out there, but there are other kinds that cost even more. Many tea lovers have even secured lines of credit, like a pay day loan or short term installment loans online, to ensure they have the best teas on hand.

Different types of tea

Black and red tea are allowed to ferment completely after the withering and rolling are done and the leaves have dried. Oolong tea is produced by having the fermentation take place naturally after the tea has been picked and placed in big, mostly flat baskets. Once the preferred degree of fermentation is in place, the leaves are stirred in a pan, with temperature reaching 250 degrees, which then stops the fermenting process and results in a wonderful tasting tea that does not need any added ingredient.

With the many different varieties and choices of tea, you may now want to explore the world of tea and discover new finds. This way you can give a knowledgeable  answer when someone asks, “How do you like your tea?”

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