Honey: A tasteful gift from the bee

Honey bees at work -- making honey.

(Photo: David Blaikie/Flickr/CC-BY)

Many of us have come to know the taste of honey and where it comes from. It is a natural sweetener, and it is also a great energizer that many have come to depend on. However, honey is not just beneficial for mankind; the bee is also dependent on it for food. Bees need large amounts of it to survive through each winter. In a productive season, a hive produces about 60 pounds of honey, and bees only need about half this amount to survive, so that leaves a considerable amount for humans.

How the bee makes honey

Surely we have all seen bees buzzing around pretty flowers, sucking up the nectar and carrying it back to their hives. Once there, another bee takes over the nectar and chews on it for about 30 minutes to mix the enzymes needed. The bee places it in the hexagonal cells, which are made from beeswax, and fans it with its wings to dry it out. Once this wax is reduced to about 18 percent or less, it is capped off and kept almost indefinitely.

Honey is used medicinally

Not only is it an incredible food source, honey is also very advantageous in the medicinal field. It has several of the B vitamins, antioxidants and different varieties of minerals. It can be used for wounds, burns, scrapes and even skin irritants like ulcers. It has been shown to have antibiotic and antibacterial properties, as well. It has been beneficial in promoting the growth of new tissue as well as reducing inflammation. Some have even used a basic credit check payday loan to obtain honey for food or immediate medical reasons.

Honey is great for many different ailments. Great lengths to protect these honey-producing bees have been established by law. There have been times of severe punishments, such as large fines and even death on anyone found damaging these precious hives. Even the fastest installment loan cannot change or reverse some of the dire results of such deeds.

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