Is home schooling right for you?

A room designated for homeschooling.

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Home schooling is ever growing in popularity these days. There are many reasons some parents may choose to home-school their children. At one time, home schooling was the only education our forefathers had. Commonly, when children started their education, they were about 12 years old or older.

Famous persons such as Thomas Edison, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were educated at home. The law for school attendance was not established until the 19th century.

Some reasons parents opt to home-school their children

About 50 to 90 percent of parents in the U.S. who choose to home-school their children do so for religious reasons. They feel that schools have too many atheistic influences, which is no wonder considering some of the recent occurrences that have taken place in the school system. Parents are concerned with the breakdown of morals and influences of peers that can expose their children to harm at a very young age. There are fears of gang-related occurrences, such as shootings and drug dealing, among many others.

Parents can teach adequately

There is much evidence showing home-schooled students pull grades equally or above the standard school test score. This does not, however, prove that it is better for them. There is no way to really prove this assumption without proper research, and some school districts can be uncooperative and skeptical. They may feel that parents do not have the capability to adequately teach from home. Parents do not need to have college degree levels to teach, as there are a number of research tools and sources made easily accessible. Finding these necessary tools is almost as easy as getting instant payday loans or cash advance loans online. Parents can hire private tutors who can help in any area they feel would be better explained from an experienced outsource.

Consider the cost of home schooling

To answer the question of whether home schooling is right for you, you must consider the following areas: willingness, cooperation, understanding, patience and individual circumstance. It takes strong commitment from you and your child to make home schooling beneficial. It can be done. Make sure you find out what the home schooling regulations are in your area, as it varies for each state. You still will need to consider how much it will cost to home-school, if you can afford teaching materials, tests and other things you will need each year.

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