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Fast food products

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First coined in 1915, the term “consumerism” has not reverted to its original purpose — “advocacy of the rights and interests of consumers” (Oxford English Dictionary). After 50 years it came to mean “the emphasis on or preoccupation with the acquisition of consumer goods” (OED). That meaning of consumerism in 1960 stretches out to the 21st century. There seems to be a manufacturing industry for every demand of society. Things such as food are believed inexhaustible and their production, fast. Patronized fast-food establishments abound, along with many other profitable enterprises.

Fast food nature

Fast food products involve processes that use preservatives to augment their flavor and shelf-life. These preservatives, when taken in amounts hazardous to the human body, cause health problems. Recently, a study was done on the meat of a global fast-food chain. The meat lasted, unaltered and unspoiled, for several months. The study’s result denotes high amounts of preservatives in fast-food, of which are sold, served and eaten globally. The 21st century is steeped in a culture of fast-food.

Health and fast food

While health awareness recognizes the dangers in alcohol drinking and cigarette-smoking, it has yet to fully unveil the long-term impact fast food products have on health. Because advertising media promotes fast-food products’ desirability and edibility more than other media inform society of fast food’s most basic and important quality, which is its nutritional value, health-conscious movements must significantly increase their efforts to inform consumers of the truth about fast-food.

The role of government

Current food safety standards do not consider fast-food products blatantly dangerous. Reality shows fast food is just as unhealthy as alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. Warnings about fast-food items’ health risks ought to be better publicized. The government must streamline, into modern culture, the measures it has taken to counter health risks from fast-food products. If you  need to request a payday loan or an installment loan to stock up on healthy food, the costs are nothing compared to a hospital bill. So be aware of the effects of fast food products and make healthy food choices, as it will benefit you in the long run, physically and financially.


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