Crocodile Tears | How the saying came to be


The Nile crocodile -- the largest crocodile in Africa. (Photo: http2007/Flickr/CC-BY)

How many times have you heard the saying, “Oh, they just were shedding some crocodile tears”? Interestingly enough, there is an ancient myth behind it that has been brought into modern culture. It is said that a crocodile sheds hypocritical tears when it kills a victim, and this myth has been brought to modern culture. Humans, on the other hand, do not sympathize or shed any tears over the killing of crocodiles. Instead, saltwater crocodiles have been hunted without mercy for their skin or hide, which is considered very valuable.

Saltwater crocodile

The skin of the saltwater crocodile is used to make some of the best, most highly sought leather. It is exceptionally soft and very durable. A single  handbag in places like London can sell for $15,000. Men’s boots made of crocodile skin are also a highly demanded item. Many would justify using a short term loan or an installment loan to pay for such pricey pieces.

Preserving crocodiles

The fact that crocodile hides are so valuable  has threatened the very survival of these creatures. It has been estimated that between 1945 and 1971, some 113,000 reptiles were killed in the Northern Territory alone. In the 1970s, the hunting of these crocodiles was limited to help preserve their existence. As a result, the numbers increased, and crocodiles were taken off the list of endangered species in Australia. The threat is still what many other endangered species are faced with, and that is their natural habitat.

Farming of crocodiles

In recent times, the farming of crocodiles and the emphasis of education led to conserving these wild creatures. The farms allow raising and breeding of these crocodiles so that the skin and meat can still be processed, without affecting the crocodile population.

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