The beauty of the cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

(Photo: "KIUKO"/Flickr/CC BY-ND)

The most popular flowers in Japan are the cherry blossoms. For more than a thousand years, cherry blossoms have been adored by the Japanese culture. Fortunately, you do not have to travel to Japan to view these marvelous flowers because there are more than 300 varieties in the United States. The delicate flowers come in a variety of colors ranging from crimson, soft pink and white. They symbolize simplicity and purity. The sight of these flowers in full bloom is breathtaking.

Lifespan of cherry blossoms

Sadly, the delicate petals of these flowers do not last long. They can even have a shorter lifespan in bad weather conditions. At the most, they only last two to three days. Although this may seem sad, it is one of the most beautiful sights an individual could ever experience. With a burst of wind you will see the falling petals in a dramatic display the Japanese call “sakura fubuki,” which means cherry blossom blizzard. The ground beneath is a picture of beauty with its delicate blanket of petals. It’s no wonder so many flock over to see it; many individuals have even taken out a payday loan or an installment loan to witness its beauty firsthand.

Cherry blossoms a big part of Japanese culture

During the months of January, these blossoms bloom in southern Japan and continue northbound until approximately the end of May. News media and radio broadcasts often follow the progress of this movement, which is known as the cherry blossom front. The cherry blossom news updates and announcement reminders make many viewers want to travel just to witness this occasion.

Other uses of the cherry blossoms

To the Japanese, the cherry tree is purely for its flowers and beauty, and it is a big part of their culture. Many appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossoms, but what we have also come to enjoy are the other forms of use from the cherry tree. The wood is used to create beautiful furniture and carvings, which many today desire in their homes. It yields a tasty fruit that is also used to make wine.

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