Are chat rooms dangerous?

Online chat rooms

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When it comes to chat rooms, one of the best things to remember is that the person you’re chatting with could be a predator with sexual intentions. You may even be tempted to deceive someone on the other end; it could be something as simple as lying about your age. In time you form a friendship. Maybe you are led to believe you have a lot in common. However, you may be surprised at who you may actually be conversing with.

Chat rooms are deceiving

The time you spend in chat rooms may at first seem innocent, but before you areĀ  aware of it, you may find that many other important things in your life have taken a back burner. Your homework and the time you normally would spend with family and friends suffers. You may even find yourself missing work because of your “new friend,” leaving you in need of an unsecured loan until payday to pay off a late bill.

Many find it easier to chat with strangers than people they actually know. This makes it easy to form a friendship and discuss things that others close to you may find hard to discuss. However, always keep in mind that you could be speaking to a convicted sex offender or a murderer, as they can easily paint a good image of themselves in chat rooms online without so much as a low-rate personal loan. If you do decide to meet in person, make sure to take someone with you.

Never give personal information in chat rooms

The question to ask is: Do I really know who I am sharing my feelings with, and do they really care about what happens to me? Family members and close friends know who you really are and are genuinely concerned with your welfare. It is extremely important to never disclose personal information such as your full name, home address or phone number to people that you talk to in chat rooms. You should never agree to meet alone with someone you have just met online, as it is too dangerous and risky to do so. If you have received a threat, make sure to talk about it with your parents, teachers and perhaps contact the police in severe situations.

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