Bomb New York City Subway Because of High Interest Loans?

First Hand Account of Mr. Zazi in Court

Terrorist plots are on the rise. Today Mr. Najibullah Zazi pleaded guilty to plotting a bomb attack on a New York City subway. Pat Milton, an investigative producer for CBS, was in the court room gaining exclusive information about the subject at hand. Zazi didn’t appear to be angry or even worried while in court, but he actually wore an air of confidence and respectability, at least according to Mr. Milton of CBS.

An unoriginal plan of terror snuffed out

Mr. Najibullah Zazi planned to commemorate the September 11th attack by blowing up countless Americans in its subway stations. Of course this plan was sure to fail because of the extra attention reserved for this hellish day in our history, thus officials would obviously be on red alert. Didn’t they teach them this in terrorist school? If not, they will from here on out. Many like Zazi are against Western Monetary policies that allow high interest rate loans like installment loans and bad credit payday loans, auto loans, mortgages and many others.

Martyrdom versus Suicide Bomber’s

I guess the Al Qaeda training camps are more focused on brawn instead of brains and common sense, because this chap isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, obviously, by this failed attempt to earn a place in heaven. Zazi believed wholeheartedly that by sacrificing himself to this cause, it would, in fact, save many more others that would actually die. It’s hard to ridicule someone who has known nothing else except of the false propaganda that is so readily crammed down many Easterners’ throats. Zazi has touched a soft spot in my heart because he is so gullible and really only wanted to be accepted in the only world he knows, but to shed innocent lives? Come on! Every person knows that that’s the wrong thing to do no matter what country you reside in.

Hello Afghanistan- yours truly, Zazi.

Now Zazi desired to bring attention to Afghanistan. I guess he’s not much of a “news” person because that’s all you practically hear about on television these days. And yes, in every country, this is true. Zazi wanted to be loved and to belong somewhere. Now he will spend the rest of his life alone and alive far, far away from any relatives or support. I can’t say that I hate the man because he was doing what he truly believed was righteous and true; I honestly hope that he learns some lesson while in the American system that will influence him in a positive way. This aspiration of mine is surely unlikely, because while still in America, the prisons will sadly reinforce the disgust many Easterners already have for the US. Unless Zazi finds some of the good flock amongst inmates, I fear his life may be doomed to hold on to an unforgiving heart.

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