Alcohol abuse is multi-faceted with many negative effects

Drinking alcohol; alcohol abuse.


Alcohol has been discussed at great levels, and there are many factors and reasons why a person may start to drink alcohol. Some believe that alcoholism is genetic. And although there is some truth to this claim, there are many other components involved. Some of these include dysfunctional home environments, abuse of alcohol in the home by family members, friends at school, stressful situations and depression, to name a few. This begins the path of dependence if not used carefully. It can amplify behavioral problems as well as other physical and psychological problems.

Drinking alcohol socially

Some who start drinking may at first be doing so just to see what it taste like or how it feels. Many who get together to socialize have alcohol available, and is often offered to those who are still underage. Sometimes an individual may have high intolerance to the level of alcohol he or she consumes and is completely unaware of what it could lead to. Often times it is used to dull the pain or emotion a person may be going through. Alcohol is a false friend in these kinds of situations, as it could lead to unrestrained dependency. Alcohol can be a very expensive habit, too. Many alcohol abusers have even turned to lines of credit, such as a credit card, payday loan or a short term loan, to afford alcohol.

Alcohol has dangerous side effects

Alcohol has many dangerous side effects when consumed on a regular basis. For instance, it could lead to drunk driving. Not only is driving while intoxicated dangerous for you, but it is also very perilous for other drivers on the road, which is clear for obvious reasons. Some of the not-so-obvious reasons cannot be seen or felt until addiction or dependency is deeply rooted.

Alcohol abuse affects our minds and body in a most unhealthy way. There are chemicals that affect the brain’s normal function and substances that could damage the nervous system. Prolonged use also destroys the liver in three stages: (1) slows down fats for digestion, causing fatty liver, (2) causes hepatitis and (3) cirrhosis of the liver, which causes scar tissue and restriction to normal blood flow.

How much alcohol is considered too much?

We need to be very aware and cautious to not allow alcohol to trap us in its snare. Consuming more than two drinks a day is too much. Drinking alcohol only two days a week is better, and is a good way to monitor how much you allow yourself. Also, remember that it does not matter whether it’s a beer, a shot of hard liquor or a glass of wine. When it comes to blood levels, they are all the same. So be responsible, and don’t drink and drive.

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