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If you have ever applied for a payday loan in your home town, you can agree that it’s sometimes difficult to get out of the payday loan trap without some suffering. Many big banks want to take your rights away concerning short term loans. It would be impossible to wipe this service out completely but they are determined to try. So now, if you request a loan you have to sign some petition stating you will not support the government and there initiative against payday loans.

January 2010 is just the beginning!

This bill politicians have passed, is it for the people? Or is it for THE CEO’s of certain financial institutions? The bottom line is they want to keep American’s owing them. So anything that will help us not overdraw our bank accounts is an enemy of the institution. The lobbyists have no personal reason or need to meddle in our lives, but money talks and what Americans really need doesn’t matter when dollar signs are the focus. Maybe if the shoe was on the other foot these politicians and bankers wouldn’t of jumped on this bandwagon to take away our financial rights. Have these congress men and women ever been without? Many people have a hard time securing the basic necessities of life, and short term loans can mean life or death for some. Riches can have a negative effect on any one, and sometimes people can’t stop even when they know it’s wrong.

The past can be a good indicator of how a bank will treat you!

Take the housing crisis for example, everyone knew that repercussions from giving away so many mortgages so fast would come back to bite, but did that stop anyone? No. There cups are full, but they want to have an overflow of wealth even when they will never be able to take it with them when death creeps. If people want to get a payday loan, what difference does it make? There are still plenty people who get charged for non sufficient funds, so the banks need to mind their own business and quit trying to monopolize. Their leverage is being compromised and these CEO’S hate it. Over draft fees are big business for banks, so don’t believe the hype about how the short term loan industry is taking advantage of the recession. Imagine if you could charge someone $200 for every $50 they borrowed from you. That’s like armed robbery in my opinion. Now wouldn’t you rather take out a $100 loan and save $85 instead?

Will CEO’s and politicians ever have a change of heart?

There is no reason that big financial institutions should care about our well being for the long haul. Maybe someday they will get a taste of their own medicine. Only then will the rich understand. You know that it’s gotten pretty bad when a bank loses their oldest living customer of 50 years because they failed to trust the account holder’s proven history of responsibility. When the couples bank account was cleaned out suddenly, the bank didn’t notice that this was a definite red flag. Turns out this elderly couple were victims of identity theft; it took the bank a year to reimburse the couple their money, what does that tell you about their banks credibility?

The internet is the new avenue for fraud. Many are taking advantage even banks. If your bank treated you like a scam artist after 50 years of loyalty wouldn’t you be just as quick as this couple to withdraw your investment? After a year the couple did get their money returned, but a year, really! If you owed the bank money could you continue to keep your money interest free for a year before deciding to pay it back? Of course not they would nail you instantly. Many including me have lost the faith once held in regards to banks and their bankers.

American’s deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

Don’t settle for this treatment, as members of the freest nation in the world. Stand up for your right to obtain short term loans. The day will come that all will see how crippling the loan industry will then soon cripple America’s economy for good. If one bank treats you bad go on to another. Just never let them bully you out of getting an online payday loan especially if they won’t lend you the money you need. Competition is tough, so the consumer has the upper hand against the banks. They just want you to think that you have no value so they can take full advantage of your money. The revolt has begun so get up get out and go get you a payday loan today!

As long as you borrow responsibly and stay within your means nothing and no one can tell us how or what you can do with the money you have worked so hard for. I will always opt for an online cash advance if I ever need money to deposit, so to avoid paying the bank their excessive fees.

Thanks to Personal Money Store, I can feel confident about never going without the basics again. You can rest easy with this new found knowledge of the power we as American’s still have. Exercise your rights and stand up for what is right even if you’re standing all by yourself. One person at a time and the world will find it’s attitudes a changing. Get your online loan today for whenever you need a hand up and not a hand down.

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