Valentine’s Loans or Valentine’s Ideas to Keep You out of the Red

Valentine’s Day is Sunday

The 14th of February can be the most romantic — and for some, the most expensive — day of the year. If you really want to show the woman you love how much you care, you pop the question with ring in hand on Valentine’s Day. That costs money — a lot of money — and  I hate to see you over-spend.  So forget short term loans or  online loans for Valentine’s day and consider some less expensive options.  Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will cost you little or nothing, and your Valentine will love you for them!

Ten no-cost Valentine’s Day gift ideas

  1. A private picnic. Instead of going out to an expensive restaurant have an indoor picnic right on the living room floor. Light candles, spread out a blanket, and open the picnic basket.
  2. A special dessert. If you feel you must go out, eat dinner at home then go to a restaurant for dessert. I can tell you from past experience, going out on Valentine’s Day is not always fun; but if you must go, be sure to make reservations even if it’s just for dessert, because the lines are bound to be long.
  3. Make homemade chocolates. Collaborate on this one: You’ll enjoy making them together. How about dipping fresh, ripe strawberries in warm, melted chocolate?
  4. Pick a bouquet. If it’s warm where you live, go outside and pick some flowers. Your significant other will love them and you.
  5. Spend time together. Look for free activities in your area like festivals or art shows, or get out for a hike or bike ride.
  6. Treat your feet. Fill the tub with warm, rose-scented water — toss in a few fresh petals! — soak your feet together and then give each other foot massages.
  7. Make your significant other a CD. Choose his or her favorite tunes or go strictly romantic.
  8. Clean the house. Really! Any man or woman would love to walk in to a sparkling, clean-smelling home on Valentine’s Day (or any day).
  9. Make a Valentine’s card. Pull out the construction paper and make plain old homemade Valentine’s cards. Or cut out little paper hearts and sprinkle them all over the bed.
  10. Bake a Valentine’s speciality. There are so many fun cookie cutters, cake pans, pink frostings, and sprinkles for Valentine’s Day — don’t miss out on the fun!

Ideas beget more ideas. If you have some, add your comments below

I’m not suggesting that everyone should get same day loans on Valentine’s Day just to buy Valentine’s gifts;  BUT! If you’ve already spent all your money on Valentine’s gifts and now find yourself in a financial mess, your heart was in the right place.  You can get your bank balance in the right place, too, with a quick Valentine’s loan.

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