Avoid Easter loans with free or low cost Easter activities

No need for an Easter loan with these low cost Easter activities!Easter conjures up images of soft fluffy bunnies and baskets filled to the brim with candy and eggs, as well as images of smiling family members and happy children. But what if you can’t afford Easter this year? What if the economy has taken its toll, and you can’t give your family the Easter you planned to give them? You can create nice memories with your family without spending a lot of money. So forget about short term loans or same day loans for Easter and consider these low cost/no cost fun activities. Here are some Easter ideas that will cost you little or nothing, and your children, spouse or friends will love you for them!

Ten no-cost or low-cost Easter gift ideas

  1. Kite flying. It’s spring and time to get outside. Take your family or loved one kite flying. And here’s a little secret if you don’t have kites: Most dollar stores have them! For only $1 you can have a day your family will remember out in the fresh spring air.
  2. A special dessert. Make a special dessert with an Easter theme. Strawberries are coming into season, opening a world of possibilities for desserts. Trifles, shortcakes, pies.
  3. Make homemade chocolates. Make them together, husband and wife, children or friends. Chocolate making can be a special Easter memory. You can even dip fresh, ripe strawberries in warm, melted chocolate.
  4. Pick a bouquet of spring colored flowers. Go outside with the ones you love and pick flowers. Make Easter bouquets to scatter throughout the house.
  5. Spend time together. Look for activities in your area. You will find many free things to do, such as festivals or art shows, or just get out for a hike or bike ride.
  6. Egg hunt. Nothing says Easter like an egg hunt. You can do this with friends; just ask each family to bring 1 dozen eggs per person participating. Don’t exclude anyone. Teens and adults can hunt for eggs, too! Want to get the teens involved? Put $20 in one egg. They’ll hunt and laugh and always remember this activity.
  7. Sidewalk-chalk hopscotch. Get a box of sidewalk chalk at the dollar store and go out to your sidewalk. Play hopscotch and draw big Easter baskets, eggs and bunnies.
  8. Piñata. This one is a little more expensive. But you can save money by making your own piñata. Blow up a balloon and make it into an Easter egg piñata. Look online for a glue recipe or mix good old Elmer’s with water and dip newspaper strips in. Plan ahead because this will take days to dry. Then paint it bright Easter colors. Fill with candy and hang and break. Your family will remember this one for a long time.
  9. Bunny prints. Take a water color marker and make bunny looking paw prints on your kitchen floor and tell everyone the Easter Bunny’s been here!
  10. Color eggs. You can’t forget to color eggs.

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I’m not suggesting that you get same day loans on Easter to buy Easter gifts; BUT! If the stress you are under because of overdue bills is threatening to ruin your Easter with your family, get an Easter loan here and relax and enjoy the holiday.

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