Short term or installment loan: Help for your financial emergency

African American couple looking at stats and comparing a short term loan to an installment loans.A short term loan or installment loan gives you an advance on your paycheck and helps you cover expenses till your next payday. Let’s face it; we’ve all needed a little financial help at one time or another. And requesting a payday loan can give you quick and easy access to the funds you need now.

The payday loan process at Personal Money store is simple and quick:

  • Get started on the secure website in less than three minutes
  • Generally no faxing
  • Get a loa form approval in minutes
  • Up to $1,000
  • Short term and installment payday loans available

Is a short term loan or an installment loan the right payday loan for you?

How a short-term loan works:

  • The usual payback date on a payday loan is on your next payday

Why choose an installment loan:

  • You don’t have to pay off the entire loan balance with your next paycheck
  • Payments are stretched out over a period of time
  • Make payments each time you get a paycheck over the term of the installment loan
  • Many lenders allow you to pay the loan off early if your budget allows it

Get the money you need quickly and easily

An installment loan can help you pay your bills when financial situations leave you in short of money. Furthermore, it can help you maintain a good credit score, since you will be able to avoid late payments by paying your bills on time. A short term loan or an installment loan is priceless in an emergency. When you need just a little extra cash to stay afloat, this type of payday loan is one of the easiest ways to pay unexpected medical bills and car or household expenses fast! Don’t spend another minute stressing over bills you can’t pay. A payday loan is the answer.

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