Bad credit haunted me when I needed an unsecured loan

Side shot of woman smiling with trees in the background.My bad credit has made it difficult in the past to get a loan or a credit card. Once my credit was checked, I was usually turned down, whether it was for a car loan or a credit card. So when financial emergencies hit, I really didn’t know where to turn. Then I found an unsecured loan that needed only a basic credit check.

A unsecured loan for bad credit

I needed an unsecured loan. I am working on improving my credit score. I learned that one of the factors that negatively affects your credit score is how many times it is pulled and examined. While shopping for a loan, my credit score was periodically checked, which was OK, but credit checks done over a longer period of time can lower credit scores. Plus, I knew that most loans are reported to credit bureaus and that the more loans and the more I owed, the lower my credit score would be. Imagine my relief when I learned that the unsecured loan I found didn’t care about my credit score.

And it just got better from there

My unsecured loan would be a payday advance that had these features:

  • No faxing required in most cases
  • Fast, simple application that could be done in less than three minutes
  • Get started from anywhere on a secure online site
  • Response to the application in minutes
  • Get as much as $1000
  • It’s an unsecured loan, so no collateral needed
  • Money deposited fast
  • Payback the money as a short term installment loan.

Back on the road again

Even with bad credit, with one simple application, I was approved for a payday advance. I had the money and my credit score wasn’t hurt a bit! I am working to build my credit score back up, and now I can pay that big unexpected bill and avoid missing any other payments. With the easy unsecured loan, I am back on my way to financial stability.

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