Payday advance loan versus an advance on your paycheck

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Consider other options. A payday loan today may just be the solution you’re looking for. (Thinkstock)

You need money, and payday is still around the corner, what do you do? You may have the option of taking an advance out on your paycheck, but is that the smartest way to go? One way that may be wiser is to take out a payday advance loan. This could save you stress and headaches down the road.

Why not take out an advance on my paycheck?

This scenario seems easy, especially if your boss doesn’t charge an interest on the advance. However, many people have done this and ran into more stress, more headaches and fewer solutions to their problems. The main reason being the money borrowed is now deducted from your next check. This seems obvious, but many don’t realize the necessity of their paychecks until the money isn’t there. If you take out the advance, your next paycheck will be that much smaller. Now if you have more bills due, you are stuck with the burden of taking out another advance just to keep your head above water. The next thing you know, you are a paycheck behind because you never caught up on that advance.

How would a payday advance loan help me?

The reason a payday advance loan could be a simpler method is mainly because you can pay the loan back in installments. You don’t have to worry about losing large chunks of money on your next check. You can spread the payments out in small increments. An even bigger benefit for me when I did this last was I didn’t have to let my boss know I was having money problems. I kept all my bills paid, up-to-date and on time, and no one at work was the wiser. I would take out a payday loan for the discretion alone any day.

How do I take out a payday advance loan?

Simply get started and you will have an answer within minutes. You don’t have to fax paperwork, and the money can be in your bank account soon after you get started, in most cases. Generally, all you need is to have a job, a bank account, be 18 or older and a U.S citizen and you just passed the hardest part of the application.

So don’t take out an advance on your paycheck; take out a payday advance loan.

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