Military info exposed again by WikiLeaks

Top secret information slated to be released via Wikileaks.


WikiLeaks has been put on the map for exposing military secrets, specifically involving the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the site is at it again. WikiLeaks, a non-profit organization founded by human rights campaigners, journalists and the general public, is about to expose an estimated 400,000 documents on the war in Iraq that are not on public record.

What does WikiLeaks have this time?

The information is expected to be more than four times the size of the highly controversial documents released in July. That month there was widespread fear that the documents released would not only expose secret military ops and details, but also endanger the lives of hundreds of people. There was fear that released names of Afghans who helped Americans could result in their deaths.

There were more than 70,000 documents released in July, but Robert Gates, U.S. Defense Secretary, has stated that the documents did not actually reveal any sensitive information, such as intelligence sources or any used methods. However, he followed that up by stating that releasing any names of Afghans who has helped NATO could cause “significant harm or damage to national security interests of the United States.”

The Pentagon’s reaction

A team of more than 120 people are ready to go over the documents in detail and take any precautions necessary to protect anyone who may be harmed by this release. WikiLeaks, however, stated it made sure there were no names released in the last disclosure of documents that could harm anyone’s well-being. The 400,000-plus new documents are going to be released by the New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegal, the same organizations that released the Afghanistan “War Logs.”

No payday loan could not be large enough to stop this release. The real question is, when will all the documents be published, and what will happen next?


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