Colleges Looking for Fast Cash are Finding it with the Seniors

Senior citizens in the classroom

Colleges are struggling to find fast cash these days and surprisingly, it’s coming to them via an odd client base. It seems that senior citizens are courting colleges looking for non-credited classes. That works well for colleges because they can charge anywhere between $25 to $500 per class and it adds nothing to the overhead. It’s a simple way of bringing in more revenue and in today’s market, that’s a huge advantage.

The changing face of college students

More senior citizens are going back to school these days and schools are responding. There are state and national programs specifically geared toward creating affordable education for retirees. For example, Ohio State University has a program called “Program 60” that allows those who are 60-years of age or older to attend classes for free. Many other colleges are doing the same thing by building senior-centric courses. Here are some colleges that offer outstanding senior programs.

Yale University

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut caters to its alumni. The college allows all graduates and their families to audit undergraduate classes as long as they have instructor approval. The cost for the classes is about $475. The school is committed to offering auditing as a benefit to its alumni and works to build a well-rounded roster of classes available to audit.

Cornell University

Cornell University is in Ithaca, New York. The school offers an open-door policy to retirees who can sit in on most of the courses, whether graduate or undergraduate. The cost for each is $101 per credit hour. The classes range from politics and painting to tennis and ethics. The vast selection of classes makes it possible for seniors to experience a wide variety of extracurricular activities. It’s a great way for them to continue learning well after they graduate.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia. It offers senior auditing programs for people over 65-years of age. They are allowed to sit in on all undergraduate courses for $500 per hour. The senior auditing program is a great way for the university to earn fast cash and still stay focused on their goal of education. Retirees can participate in up to two classes per semester and aren’t limited by any one field of study.

Princeton University

Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey is another school that welcomes retirees to sit in on their undergraduate courses. This school offers a wide variety of classes—over 200 per semester—and seniors are allowed to sit in most of them through a community auditing program. The school offers the classes at a cost of $125 per course. The popularity of the courses has proven itself throughout the past few years because enrollment is up considerably and seniors from the neighboring areas are filling the classrooms.

University of Denver

The University of Denver is another school that is offering programs for retirees. It has a senior citizen audit program that is open to anyone over 60-years of age. The classes here are available based on a class-size stipulation, but as long as there is room, seniors are welcome. The cost is just $25 per course and that makes it one of the most cost-effective schools in the nation.

College and the older student

Many colleges throughout the nation are finding out how lucrative their senior audit programs are. They are earning fast cash through the programs by offering reasonably priced courses to senior citizens. Because of their popularity, the classes will continue to grow, and with a senior population that is looking to continue learning, they won’t be empty any time soon.

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