Ways to Find Quick Cash by Cutting Back on Gas Costs

Saving money by cutting back on gas

Although the recession is over, consumers are still looking for ways to earn quick cash. One of the biggest costs in any consumer’s budget is the cost of gas. Though it is a necessity in today’s world, there are still ways people can cut back and save money.

Ways to cut back on gas

Almost everyone works outside of their home these days and has to find ways to get to and from work. For some that means public transportation, but for the vast majority of others, it means having a reliable vehicle. Depending on the distance to and from work, a car can eat up a good chunk of any consumer’s paycheck. Here are some ways to cut back on the high cost of gas:

  • Comparison shop. Comparison shopping is not only for retail. Prices at the gas tank can vary widely in a geographic area. Many people believe visiting the gas station closest to their home or job is the best option, but when they are trying to save, it may not be. Websites like GasBuddy.com or BillShrink.com can both provide the gas station locations with the lowest cost for gas.
  • Use a warehouse club station. Warehouse clubs not only offer savings on bulk items; they also can offer a good exchange in gas. Nowadays, clubs are expanding and that includes having gas stations, repair shops, tires and other services. Some warehouse clubs also offer discounts on gas if consumers purchase a certain level of groceries. Checking with their prices and specials can bring the overall cost down.
  • Buy gas with cash rather than credit. Many gas stations introduced higher costs to credit card payers last year. The reason was because of the high costs they pay in credit card processing fees. In turn, they hand the added costs over to customers who warrant the service. Some gas stations are posting their desire for cash payers by offering specials. California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey and New York all have some type of cash-paying customer discount. GasBuddy.com is a website that notes all of the discounts available to those who pay for gas with cash.
  • Preventative maintenance. The next way to save on the cost of gas is to schedule consistent maintenance to a vehicle. Tire rotation and oil changes are the two most important routine fixes every car needs to run at optimum performance. Though it may cost some quick cash up front, if it prevents a thousand-dollar repair then it’s worth it. In addition, studies show that keeping tires properly inflated can improve fuel economy by 3% over a year.
  • Clean out extra baggage. A lot of people treat their car like a locker on wheels. They use it to store items like salt, equipment, bikes, large toys and even books. The added baggage can drag a car’s fuel performance down. In fact, the Department of Energy reported that gas mileage decrease by up to 2% for every additional 100 pounds of weight on board.

Finding savings in the market

Gas can be one of the biggest costs a consumer has these days. Driving to and from work and school can put a strain on anyone’s quick cash account. With some strategic changes, though, anyone can save money on their monthly gas usage.

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