People Looking for Jobs Should Look to High-Growth Positions

People reenter the job market

2009 was a difficult year for employers; many had to make cutbacks in salary and bonuses to scrape by. According to a survey done by Deloitte and Touche, 85% of all large companies eliminated their merit raise policies. Over 60% of senior managers had no increase in their pay day salaries and about 54% of all employees saw the same result. The good news is that now that the economy is set to turnaround, there are some signs that 2010 won’t be the same. Employers are revamping their pay schedules to start compensating employees once again, but not all are set to recover at the same pace.

Financial jobs set to raise salaries

When it comes to jobs that are set to thrive in the industry of finance, there is a short list of where to look. For anyone looking to move into a new market, there are definite places to look. Here are some of the hottest job titles to look into:

  • Compliance Director. The demand for Compliance Experts and Directors is set to rise quickly. The entire financial industry was overhauled by the government and that created a lot of new rules and regulations for corporations to follow. As a result, they need officers to keep them compliant with government standards. The starting pay for these titles is estimated at $83,750.
  • Senior Financial Analyst. The growth in this position is also the result of the financial changes in the market. Calvin Rodgers, financial analyst, said, “Corporations lost billions of dollars as a result of the economy and now if they are going to recover, they have to hire a strong force able to hone in on increasing profitability.” The starting salary for a Senior Financial Analysts is $74,700.
  • Tax Accountant. Tax accountant is another field that is set to increase in popularity, and in pay. The starting salary here is about $46,500 but for accountants with over three years of experience, that figure can be considerable higher.

F jobs set to raise salaries

In the field of IT, there are also jobs set to increase in salary. IT is growing quickly and having good minds to keep up and set the stage for growth is crucial for a business’ viability. Here are some titles to watch out for:

  • Network Administrator. Computing, networking, VoIP and software are all concerns of a Network Administrator. The starting pay is $54,000, but rises quickly for a worker who becomes more familiar with the company’s individual IT needs. Robert Hall, industry analyst, said, “IT is a necessity for every company and as the market continues to reinvigorate, more employers are going to want to pay for quality.”
  • Systems Engineer. This is another job title that employers are going to be in demand of as the market improves. People who are able to help their employers build and maintain technical support for projects will earn $64,250.

Finding employment

For anyone looking to change fields now could be the perfect time if they know where to look. The above jobs all are set to not only be in high demand of qualified consumers, but are also showing signs that employers will consider them integral to the business. That necessity will push employers to offer top-dollar salaries to workers in the fields.

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