Lower your medical bills with the power of an online cash advance

Man lowering eyeglassing to make eye contact over a white laptop.Did you know you can negotiate with your doctor to lower your out-of-pocket medical expenses? It’s true. A lot of people who are either uninsured or stuck with big leftover medical expenses after insurance has paid can talk their doctors and hospitals into lowering their bills. Experts say it’s no different than haggling for a better price for a new car or house. So don’t be afraid to get on the phone and start bargaining. Keep in mind that nothing speaks louder than cash. Find out how big a discount you can get, then consider an online cash advance to settle the account.

Get ready to lower your medical bills

Before you start negotiating to lower your medical bills, make sure your guns are loaded before you go into battle. Check out healthcarebluebook.com, where you can find out what some of the most common medical procedures should cost. Then you will have a good idea about how much fast cash you may need for a payday loan or other kind of short term installment loan or unsecured personal loan to request online. With cash at hand, you could have the upper hand when haggling with the health care billing department.

Your online cash advance speaks volumes

Negotiating to lower your medical bills could end up saving you thousands of dollars, depending on your situation. CBS News called doctors’ offices across the U.S. to see what results could be achieved haggling about healthcare billing. In Manhattan, a CBS staffer got the price of an MRI on her knee down from $1,800 to $600 by calling around and offering to pay cash. They had the same success haggling down the price of mammograms in Seattle, where prices varied wildly. After some horse-trading, nearly all the providers offered lower prices, and they got an offer 60 percent less than the first one quoted. The researchers called 16 health care billing departments and only one refused to bargain.

Tips on haggling with health care billing departments

There’s really no “by-the-book” way to haggle with health care billing departments to lower your medical bills. But insure.com offers some tips to get you on the right track. A few are listed below:

Don’t put off dealing with your medical bill. Get your online cash advance and get it over with quickly.

Make a phone call or write a letter directly to the provider. Explain your situation and ask if it’s possible to get an adjustment to your charges.

Find out what others are paying: Doctors and hospitals in different areas of the country charge widely varying amounts. The American Medical Association’s Web site has a list of how much Medicare reimburses doctors for certain medical procedures.

Never pay more than private insurers pay. Insurers never pay more than one-half to two-thirds of the total amount billed.

Cash talks: Offer to pay your doctor the discounted amount you both deem reasonable in cash, immediately.

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