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Blond woman using a laptop and calculator to budget with payday loans online.Fortunately, quick cash for emergency expenses is readily available and easy to get. Payday loans online and short-term installment loans online can fix your budget deficit quickly. But if you spend a little time researching, you can find real cash money you may not even know you have. In the short time it takes to get your payday loan money transferred into your bank account for your immediate needs, you can do some detective work. This financial tune-up can uncover savings that will put more money in that bank account in the future.

Payday loans online: Give yourself a fast cash bonus

Requesting payday loans online for instant decision couldn’t be easier. It takes just a few minutes, and it frees up your time for that long-overdue financial tune-up. If it sounds like drudgery to you, keep in mind that very soon now, you can be looking at a three-figure difference in what you spent and what you save. Ron Lieber from the New York Times is doing us all a favor by creating a financial tune-up checklist that shows how many opportunities to save money go unnoticed.

Borrow today, save tomorrow

After you’ve taken action to avoid bank overdraft fees, late credit card payment fees or other damage to your precious credit score with payday loans online, seriously consider some of the financial tune-up steps suggested by Lieber.

Save 1 percent more from your paycheck

You’ll never miss money that hits your savings account before it reaches your checking account. It takes five minutes to make the changes with your employer, bank or credit union. Overtime, it could add up to thousands of dollars.

Find a better bank

Think about it: why is your money at your current bank? Is it because it’s in your neighborhood? In this electronic age, that doesn’t matter anymore. A couple of hours shopping around online for more interest and lower fees is like giving yourself a cash advance. End of discussion.

Increase your student loan payment

All the extra cash your financial tune-up discovers may allow you to make paying off any high-interest private student loans a priority. Take five minutes to tweak your automated payment, or simply write a bigger check next time the payment is due. But if you have low-interest federal student loans, keep making the minimum payment until you save money in other areas.

Find a lower-interest credit card

Take ten minutes to ask for a better interest rate on your current credit card or shop around for a few hours to find a better deal — but watch out for balance transfer fees.

Cut your budget

Focus on giving yourself a raise by spending less on the easy stuff that you can live without, like eating out, extra clothes or toys and gadgets. Check out, where you can find ways to cut up to 20 percent of your spending in a few hours.

Ask your cable company for a better deal

Take 30 minutes to research your cable company’s web site for deals — then get them on the phone. Ask why you can’t pay less to get the same service, or get more channels for what you pay now. If they don’t play, remind them that their competitors will probably give you a better deal for switching.

Ask your wireless company for a better deal

If your contract is up for renewal, take 30 minutes to scan your wireless company’s web site for offers or shop around elsewhere for better deals. Prices in the wireless world are always changing and often falling.

Spend your gift cards

Keeping your gift cards around is money wasted! Before you forget about them or forget where you put them, have a little fun. A stack of gift cards is like fast payday loans online with no payments and no terms. Take 20 to 30 minutes to shop online or get out of the house and buy yourself something nice.

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