Indiana Payday Loan

Close-up shot of two women smiling.An Indiana payday loan is a great alternative for the people of Indiana in need of short term financing. They can have the same access to online cash loans as anywhere else in the country.

Personal Money Store an match you with the right loan companies. Whether you live in South Bend, Gary or Kokomo, the specifically designed Indiana payday loan can help meet your financial need.

Get an Indiana payday loan

It can be very difficult to find an agency that will give you an Indiana payday loan, especially when you have bad credit or bankruptcy. But when you request online payday loans from Personal Money Store, you get easy access to the help you need quickly. All that really matters is that you have a stable job and make at least $1,000 each month.

How much cash can I expect to get?

You can expect to get up to $1,500, but the highest amount the average person gets is about $1,000. The loan companies make their decisions based on the information given to them and the amount of money made by the consumer.

What are the requirements?

  1. Must be 18 years old to request the loan
  2. Social security number
  3. Be at a job for at least three months and still working
  4. Have a U.S. citizenship

What if I’m bankrupt?

Even if you are bankrupt, you can still request a loan because these loan agencies rarely ever look into clients’ financial backgrounds. There is help available to people with bad credit and bankruptcy.

Where can I request an Indiana payday loan?

You can begin the short application form right here below this article. The application takes five minutes or less to complete. Once you submit the form, we will get right to work to find you the right Indiana payday loan that fits you best.

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