Handling a recruiter can be the first step to payday cash

Some workers are on the road to employment

Many consumers miss their payday cash. The reason is that there are millions of Americans out of work these days. Though the recession is over, the unemployment rate is still huge and employers aren’t creating enough jobs to turn things around. For the lucky few who are on the road to employment, facing a job recruiter is the first step to conquer. They have already researched the company and know how they fit in with the business, but their next job is to convince the recruiter that they are right for the job. With an unemployment rate average of 10% throughout the country, recruiters have more than a few options to sort through when trying to fill a position. And anyone who wants to stand out needs to know how to manage their limited time with a recruiter and put their best face forward.

Dealing with a job recruiter

Recruiters are usually the first base of meeting with a new employer. It’s important to remember what to do and what not to do. Here are some tips:

1.) Don’t be overly friendly with the recruiter. Yes, consumers want to make the recruiter like them, but they need to remember that the recruiter is a respected coworker. It’s best to keep them at that level and remember that the tone a consumer sets is the one the recruiter will bring back to managers. All conversations should be kept professional and personal anecdotes and joking kept to a minimum. Job recruiter Erin Hovanec said, “A useful rule of thumb: Don’t say or do anything in front of a recruiter that you wouldn’t say or do in front of your boss.”

2.) Don’t come in looking for counseling. Consumers need to remember that the recruiter is working for the company they want to work for. He or she is not an independent worker there to offer suggestions on the interviewee’s career choice. Hovanec added, “If you are looking for suggestions, talk to a career coach first, but during the interview, leave that outside.” The goal of finding a job is creating payday cash and an interviewee who isn’t sure they want the job will be weeded out quickly by a good recruiter.

3.) Don’t request delicate information. Never ask a recruiter who the other consumers are or how well you weigh up against them. Hovanec stated, “Asking about other consumers is like going on a first date and demanding to know who else your date is seeing… it makes you seem insecure with your own skills.” There are some acceptable questions to ask like “Are you still interviewing?” and “How would you describe the ideal consumer?” Engaging in a dialogue about general job requirements is perfectly acceptable during the interview.

4.) Don’t request special treatment. Though it may be tempting to ask the recruiter to “put in a good word”, it’s not acceptable. It is always best for candidates to rely on their experience, skill and education to do the talking. If a candidate is right for the job, the recruiter will convey that to a hiring manager with no problems.

The crucial 20 minutes

The ratio of jobs to candidates is high in today’s market and it’s a good idea to act as carefully as possible with a recruiter. He or she is there as a screener and their job is to find the perfect candidate for the job. For consumers wanting payday cash to start again, it’s crucial to understand and manage the relationship. Even though it most likely will only last for twenty to thirty minutes, it can make all the difference in getting a job or walking away empty-handed.

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