Job Opportunities for Workers in Need of Payday Cash

Unemployed workers look for jobs

Millions of unemployed workers are searching for ways to bring in payday cash. The unemployment rate remains high and job creation is still in the beginning stages. Although the government is proposing more tax breaks for companies willing to start hiring, the laws are not likely to go into effect until late this year. In the meantime, unemployed workers are left to manage on their own.

Some good news

Despite the state of the economy, there is some good news. Companies are hiring and some of them are paying well. At least 500 job openings were posted in January of 2010, and job availability shows signs of increasing as the year progresses.

Edward Jones. Edward Jones is a company of financial advisors. The organization is looking for “self-starters” who know how to predict customers’ financial need. Their main goal is to build customer-centric managers who understand how serving clients is the key to building long-term business. According to a spokeswoman for the company, Regina DeLuca-Imral, “affability” is the number one asset a consumer can bring to the table.

Wegmans Food Markets.
Wegmans Food Markets boasts 1,500 job openings nationwide. The company is looking for customer-service agents, chefs, team leaders, and managers. With a wide range of business opportunities, Wegmans is one of the best companies to interview with. In an article on, Wegmans’ spokesperson Wendy Gallucci, said “We look for employees who are food enthusiasts and passionate about providing incredible services to our customers. Because we focus on helping customers make great meals easy, we look for employees willing to share their knowledge.”

Cisco. Cisco has approximately 595 openings. Almost half the available jobs involve networking, software, and electrical-engineering skills. The remainder includes positions in HR, sales, finance, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and project management. Cisco has diverse hiring needs which means that a wide variety of unemployed workers may be successful in requesting at the company. In the article, Cisco HR-communications manager Jennifer Ho said, “The interview team is assessing organizational fit and whether the candidate will be successful leveraging his abilities to make a sustainable impact.”

Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market is another diverse employer. The company has 1,160 openings including positions in seafood, prepared foods, customer service, produce, and floral. The company prides itself in hiring people who are “passionate” over those who are “experienced.” That’s great news for less-educated consumers looking for jobs. A positive attitude is one of the main qualifications the company looks for in job candidates.

Ernst & Young. This company has 622 openings, and again, they cover a wide range of job descriptions. Positions in finance, taxes, supply chain, IT, and change consulting are all waiting to be filled. Larry Nash, recruiting director, said that the company wants those who are “positive and enthusiastic.” The company seeks out candidates who are proactive with the potential to be strong team members.

The future of the hiring market

Unemployed workers looking for payday cash have at least some options. Large companies are hiring and expanding. The recession stifled the hiring process, but now that it is over new jobs are slowly being created. With some careful searching, workers in need of a pay day do have hope of finding employment again.

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