To Build up Cash Today Try Looking at Your Diet

Spending to be healthy

Building up cash today can be as easy as looking to your diet habits. The diet industry is a billion-dollar venture. From gyms to diet foods and sportswear to equipment, Americans are buying. There are thousands of products consumers buy to help manage their weight.

The number one culprit is the gym

Depending on your location, gym memberships can cost anywhere from $29.99 to $120.99 a month. With initiation fees, one-time service fees, enrollment charges and price hikes yearly, you end up spending a lot of money. Added to the cost are individual classes that normally don’t come with a basic membership. Then there are the costs of personal trainers and nutritionists. These are rarely included in a gym membership, or if they are it’s only for a short introductory period. Research is showing that average gym-goers spend upwards of $1,200 a year on working out.

Then there is the clothing

Lululemon Athletica boasts high-performance Yoga pants that allow your skin to breathe while working out. They capitalize on the fitness craze by stating that by adding oxygen to your workout, your body is working more efficiently. Whether or not that is true has yet to be proven, but what is proven is that the magic Yoga pants cost $100 a pair. Then there are shoes. Sure if you are doing high-impact workouts you need good shoes but is there really a proven difference in Nike $39.99 running shoes and Merrell’s $104.99 pair? The bottom line is that clothing and good shoes are necessary but they create a huge expense for anyone committed to working out.

Fitness magazines offer advice at a high price

You see them every time you go to a store. Aisles are lined with magazines that claim to have the latest miracle diet. There is a reason why there are so many too—they sell. If you add up a few magazine subscriptions ranging from $10 to $30 a year, you are spending a good amount of money on magazines you’ll eventually just throw out. Finding cash today means cutting back in small ways and then watching your savings add up. Magazines can be a huge drain on your budget.

Health insurance may not pay off

A recent study showed that about 40% of bankruptcy filings by individuals are predominantly a result of medical costs. The reality is that having medical coverage won’t protect you against financial hardship. In 2008, the average US family spent $3,354 in premiums. That figure does not include prescriptions, therapy or any other uncovered medical expense.

The airlines may not be helping your budget

Despite the fact that ticket prices on planes are decreasing, some obese Americans are not benefiting. Earlier this month, United Airlines announced that unless a flight attendant can find an extra empty seat for obese passengers, they will have to pay for two seats. Southwest Airlines has the same policy. This is just another way that health can cost.

Vices add to high costs of health

Building up cash today is virtually impossible with the rising costs of cigarettes. In New York the tax alone on one pack is $2.75. Some industry analysts are predicting that there will be a similar tax on soda. Congress has already proposed a soda tax to be included in the 2012 budget. It’s difficult to find money these days and health can be a huge drain on funds. Take a look at the amount of funds you put into overall health care and see where you can cut back to find added savings.

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