100-Calorie packs diet | An expensive way to cost yourself a diet

100 calorie packs

100 calorie packs may seem like a great diet helper, but they're expensive and ineffective. Image: Flickr / ashtr / CC-BY-SA

If you’re trying to lose weight or get healthy, the 100-calorie packs diet may seem like a great way to go. The 100-calorie packs diet is relatively simple — limit your food intake to the 100 calorie packs commercially available. Scientific study, however, shows that the 100-calorie packs actually encourage overeating and are very expensive.

The numbers of a 100-calorie pack diet

Losing weight, at its base, is a basic mathematical equation. Expend more calories than you take in. Losing one pound means expending or cutting out 3,500 calories. The 100-calorie packs diet encourages using 100-calorie packs of food to cut calories. The idea is that the 100 calorie packs help dieters limit the amount of food that they eat, supposedly making it easier to cut out enough calories in order to lose weight.

Science doesn’t support the 100-calorie packs diet

The 100-calorie packs diet seems to make sense, but science simply doesn’t support it. Eating out of these mini-packs actually makes it more likely that a dieter will over-consume, eating two or more of the 100-calorie packs. Dieters who are eating out of full-size packs actually tend to eat less than those eating out of 100-calorie packages. Restraint in what you eat is easier with bigger packages, because you know that you need to stop part of the way through.

The expense of 100-calorie packs diet

On average, 100-calorie packs can run 200 to 300 percent of the cost of a full-size package of food. If you feel like a 100-calorie pack of food is going to help you cut calories and diet, then there is a less expensive way to do it. Purchase a full-size package of food, and immediately split it up into 100-calorie packs of your own. This also gives you the flexibility to choose to split your snacks into 150 or 200 calorie packs, whatever works in best with your diet. In short, you will save yourself money and give yourself a better chance at dieting success. Though a “quick solution” such as the 100-calorie packs diet may seem like a good idea, simply ensuring that you eat fewer calories than you expend is the only sure way to lose weight.


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