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Tapping Pencils

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to take the Wonderlic Sample Test. Image from Flickr.

Most people outside of the NFL haven’t heard of the Wonderlic test, but with player’s scores recently making headlines, perhaps you want to find out what your Wonderlic score might be by taking a sample test? The full Wonderlic test is expensive enough that you might need an instant cash loan, so you should know what you’re getting yourself into when you have a Wonderlic score in-hand.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test

Clocking in at only 50 questions and 12 minutes, the Wonderlic Personnel Test was developed, according to Wikipedia, as a way for hiring managers to “assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving in a wide range of occupations.” The test has only been updated once, in 2007, although Wonderlic Inc now offers over a dozen tests designed for both workplaces and schools. Like most standardized tests, the Wonderlic Personnel Test asks both multiple-choice and open-answer questions.

Giving Yourself the Wonderlic Sample Test

The contents of the Wonderlic test are closely guarded by the Wonderlic, Inc company that has built its name on the use of this test. However, you can find many Wonderlic sample tests online, including this one on Professor Money and a very extensive set of practice questions on Test Prep Preview. No matter what Wonderlic sample test you choose to take, it will be less expensive than getting installment loans for bad credit.

Interpreting your Wonderlic Test sample test results

The Wonderlic test was designed to be administered and interpreted by “an average office worker,” so understanding your own results should be fairly simple. The generally accepted formula to equate your Wonderlic Test score is to take the number of answers you got right on the 17-question sample test and multiply it by three. That creates a general understanding of your possible Wonderlic Personnel Test score. If you want to stop there, compare your score to either NFL position averages or a sampling of professions.

Getting more out of your Wonderlic Sample Test

If just having your Wonderlic online sample test score doesn’t feel like quite enough, you can extrapolate your score out to a general IQ equivalent. Take your 50-point test score, multiply it by 2, and add 60. With your IQ score, you can compare yourself to others or maybe even apply to be a part of Mensa.

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