Need Window Tinting in Spokane? Go with Quality Auto Trim

Window Tinting can save you money

Some people get window tinting just for looks, but there are plenty of other good reasons. Photo from Quality Auto Trim.

Some people get window tinting just for looks, but there are plenty of other good reasons. Photo from Quality Auto Trim.

Window Tinting has been around for many years, but is now becoming more popular than ever. People choose to tint their homes, businesses and autos for many reasons: privacy, energy efficiency, protection against UV rays, security, aesthetics and more. With the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, homeowners have a great financial incentive to tint their home’s windows. The legislation provides a tax credit for qualifying home window tinting projects for 30 percent of the cost of a window tint up to $1,500. This is an excellent incentive because as a tax credit rather than a deduction it comes directly off of your total tax owed. Not only is there a tax savings, but window tinting can also save up to 79 percent of heat gain from sunny weather, so it helps reduce energy costs dramatically.

Many reasons to tint your vehicle

Many people love getting their car windows tinted to improve their car’s appearance, but they also get the benefit of less UV rays invading their vehicle’s interior. UV light can fade upholstery and damage items in the car, as well as increase heat in the vehicle.

Tinting is also a safety feature: in the event of a car accident, window tinting can prevent glass from shattering and harming the vehicle’s passengers. The maximum darkness provided by high quality tints also helps to prevent theft from vehicles, as potential burglars cannot see valuables lying on the seat of a car. Window Tinting in Spokane is a great idea to due high car prowl rates. The State of Washington allows for up to 35 percent tint to be applied to side and rear auto windows.

Business benefits for window tinting

Businesses should also consider getting their windows tinted. A great tint job can look very attractive without incurring the expense of etched glass, and can be easily customized for many designs. For businesses that must maintain high security standards, window tinting is a smart choice. With the proper 3M security film, windows become virtually impervious to damage from blunt objects, bomb blasts, and severe weather. It is surprisingly affordable compared to other security measures, yet doesn’t compromise the look of a storefront like metal bars may.

How to get the best window tint

There are two simple keys to a successful window tinting project:

  1. Use only quality window tint films
  2. Hire an experienced installer to properly get started the product

When amateurs attempt to install window films, they often do a poor job of cleaning the surface before they attempt to get started the film which dramatically reduces the effectiveness and longevity of the product. Furthermore, without the proper tools, window tint film may be applied sloppily. When the film is not cut to precise dimensions, bubbling, uneven lines, and wrinkling in the film may occur, all which hurt both the appearance and performance of the film.

Spokane Window Tinting Experts

For Spokane Window Tinting, the best place to go is Quality Auto Trim. The company has been working in the region for more than 25 years and offers only top quality window films from 3M. There is a wide variety of different types of film, ranging from very affordable to the latest in nanotechnology. Their customer service is known all throughout the Inland Northwest. Their years of experience in home, auto and commercial window tinting will ensure that your project is a success!

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