Wedding Cans Update: Peter and Andrea reach 5-ton goal!

Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer, Wedding Cans

Peter Geyer and Andrea Parrish, Wedding Cans (Photo from tinytall,

The Wedding Cans couple has successfully reached their goal to collect 400,000 aluminum cans to pay for their wedding — all accomplished in just eight months! Who would’ve ever imagined collecting cans would pay for an entire wedding? Some may call it crazy, but this Spokane couple is proving that great success lies within the craziest ideas.

Wedding cans are ringing success

In just 197 days, Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer have already reached 100 percent of their goal, thanks to the United Recycling Services, Alcoa Aluminum and the outpouring support from people across the globe. The two will wed next month, July 31, at the Corbin Art Center in Spokane, Wash., where wedding cans will ring, not just for love, but for their outstanding accomplishment.

“The response to this project has been overwhelming,” said Andrea.

“The most exciting thing about the project is how many people have borrowed the idea,” adds Peter. “We have other engaged couples recycling for their weddings and honeymoons — even a woman collecting cans to pay for her liver transplant.”

Peter and Andrea will donate more than half of the proceeds of any additional cans they collect to nonprofit organizations Rim Country Land Institute and Doctors Without Borders, using only 40 percent for their honeymoon.

Wedding Cans – a story to remember

Although the couple has suffered through many challenges on their quest to collect five tons of aluminum cans to help fund their summer wedding, the two have remained loyal to their values, as well as the crazy idea that came to mind at 1 o’clock one morning. In a time of excessive consumerism and outlandish wedding expenses, Peter and Andrea are truly admired for their courageous efforts of dedicating probably the biggest event of their lives to saving the planet. Congratulations to Peter and Andrea on their Wedding Cans success!

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