Wedding Cans Update: Pete and Andrea’s saga continues

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Wedding Cans goal is nigh

Wedding Cans

Andrea and Pete's back porch. Image from Flickr.

Do you remember those Pete and Andrea characters I wrote about a couple of weeks ago? They started the Wedding Cans project to raise money for their wedding. Their goal was to recycle 400,000 aluminum cans to pay for their wedding. That gigantic mountain of cans — about five tons — will net them the modest sum of about $3,800 to pay for their DIY, potluck-style wedding.

When I first started writing about the Wedding Cans project, the couple was at about 4 percent of their goal. However, after Andrea sent out press releases to local news and the Associated Press picked up the story, Wedding Cans went national — then international. And soon they’ll be making a big announcement about what they’re going to do if they end up with extra cash.

The big one

Shortly after radio stations as far away as South Africa started covering the Peter Geyer and Andrea Parrish Wedding Cans story, their project caught its big break. Alcoa, the third-largest aluminum manufacturer in the world, donated 150,000 cans. That, together with all of the other donations that poured in from around the world, catapulted Wedding Cans to where it is now, just two weeks later: 77 percent of goal.

When Pete and Andrea began the Wedding Cans project, they wondered if seven months would be enough time to reach their goal. However, only six weeks after starting the project, Pete and Andrea are realizing that there’s a good possibility they could actually exceed their goal.

Extra cans, extra wedding! Right?

If I were in Pete and Andrea’s position, I’d keep the extra money and upgrade my wedding. Considering that they are pinching pennies big time, including having the guests bring food and serving home-brewed beer, they could easily justify spending the extra cash on the wedding. I think most people would agree with me.

However, it has always been apparent that Pete and Andrea are not like most people. Andrea informed me today that they have a plan for the extra funds, and, of course, it is not what you’d assume. So, take note: Alcoa is sending a satellite team to their home Jan. 28, and Pete and Andrea will be doing interviews with media outlets all over the country to update everyone on their progress and make the big announcement. If you can’t find the story in your area Jan. 28, check back here and I’ll have an update for you. If you recycle cans in your area, you can donate the cash by depositing it in their PayPal account.

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