Wedding Cans: Pete and Andrea continue recycling crusade

Wedding Cans donation announcement

Andrea and Pete Wedding Cans

It's a start! This photo from December shows Andrea and Pete's first load of cans for their project. Image from Flickr.

Andrea and Pete, a Washington State couple, made a goal to pay for their wedding by recycling cans — far cry from the usual route of borrowing money to pay for a wedding. The couple started the Wedding Cans project less than two months ago, and they’ve already made it to 82 percent of their 400,000-can goal.

They were stunned when they realized that they just might meet their goal. Now, Andrea and Pete are considering another possibility: they could surpass their goal. They plan to continue collecting cans to recycle until their ceremony in July, and last week on Wedding Cans, Adrea wrote: “we are looking into possibly donating cans and/or the proceeds from cans collected after we reach our goal to charity.”

Wedding Cans media blitz

Today, Andrea and Pete did a string of interviews, coordinated by Alcoa Inc. aluminum company and broadcast via satellite, to spread their message about recycling. They also officially announced that, should they exceed their goal, they will donate 60 percent of any additional proceeds to Doctors Without Borders for Haitian disaster relief and to recycling programs. The other 40 percent will go toward their honeymoon fund.

Though  Andrea and Pete started Wedding Cans because they  needed a way to pay for their wedding, the ceremony may not be the end of their environmental crusade. “We are just incredibly happy that we have been able to encourage so many others to recycle – and we won’t let it end with our wedding,” wrote Andrea. Check out today’s Wedding Cans interview schedule on the web site.

The wedding plan for Wedding Cans

Though the Wedding Cans has been a huge project and a lot of work, Pete and Andrea’s wedding will be quite a different story. Their goal of 400,000 cans will raise just enough money to pay for renting the location for their wedding and reception — a castle in Idaho — and paying for other bare-minimum necessities.

The couple plans to have a potluck reception, Andrea’s mother is making the cake, they’ll be making their own decorations and a friend will donate home-brewed beer.

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