UVA Lacrosse death rocks campus community

Close-up of a solitary lacrosse stick sitting alone on a grassy field. The UVA Lacrosse death has left a great hole that people who knew Yeardley Love will not be able to fill for some time.

The UVA Lacrosse death has left a great emptiness on the field. (Photo: ThinkStock)

The recent UVA Lacrosse death has delivered a somber blow to a University of Virginia campus that had been riding a wave of excitement as graduation approaches. The deceased Yeardley Love, 22, was a beloved daughter, friend, teammate and student, reports CBS News. The spiritual keystone of the women’s lacrosse team was looking forward to being on a national championship team this season, but sadly that will not come to pass. Area police found the deceased Yeardley Love in her apartment, and the first officer on the scene noted various physical injuries on site that could have been deadly, and police have a suspect in custody. This runs counter to the previous rumor that Yeardley Love had died from alcohol poisoning.

George Huguely suspected in UVA Lacrosse death

The UVA Lacrosse death case has brought senior men’s lacrosse player George Huguely into the fold as the primary suspect. Huguely is currently being charged with first-degree murder. Specific details regarding the investigation are still under wraps until the investigation is complete. Love’s body is being held in Richmond for an autopsy while Huguely’s friends and teammates are interviewed further regarding his relationship with Yeardley Love.

Police have indicated that George Huguely has been cooperative

Exactly what “cooperative” means in relation to the UVA Lacrosse death investigation is unclear at this point, but if one were to intuit any meaning from the police spokesman’s words and tone when he spoke with the Today show (see video below), it could be that George Huguely knows he’s in trouble and may be willing to own up to some degree of wrongdoing. What a change from what we usually see in grisly death stories … perhaps he isn’t using a lawyer?

Yeardley Love was an angel to friends and teammates

UVA Athletic Director Craig Littlepage found Yeardley Love to be a model citizen who always sought to help others. He noted to the media that she was “described as an angel by teammates and friends.” UVA President John Casteen exclaimed in a release published on the university’s website that the UVA Lacrosse death has robbed the school and the world of a bright young woman who clearly was making the most of her journey toward a very bright future. Yeardley Love was a humble star in all aspects of her life on the University of Virginia campus. “She deserves to be remembered for her human goodness, her capacity for future greatness,” wrote Casteen.

George Huguely also appeared to be a standout young man

CBS News indicates that George Huguely was an All-America who attended Landon School in Bethesda, Md., where he played on the varsity lacrosse and football teams. By his senior year of prep school, he was co-captain of the lacrosse team, school spokeswoman Jean Erstlin told police. Indications are that if he indeed took the life of Yeardley Love, even by accident, it would be a terribly shocking event that nobody who knew him would have expected. More information will be made available at the completion of the police investigation.

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