UPS planes around the world examined for suspicious packages

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UPS truck

A UPS truck in New York was delayed by a bomb squad search. Image: Flickr / zyphbear / CC-BY

U.S. and U.K. airports have been put on high alert after a UPS plane was found to have a suspicious package. UPS planes and trucks across the United States have also been delayed for further inspection. The suspicious packages have been mostly “manipulated” printer toner cartridges.

UPS shipments delayed around the world

U.S. airports were put on high alert this morning. A UPS plane in the United Kingdom was found to have a suspicious package on Thursday evening, leading to the current ripple effect. Cargo flights in Newark and Philadelphia, as well as a UPS truck in New York, were all subject to heightened inspection. Flights and packages received from Yemen are the main focus of these inspections. The Transportation Security Administration is working in cooperation with UPS officials to remove these suspicious shipments and examine them further.

Bomb squads called in to examine UPS shipments

The original plane in the U.K. that was delayed had a toner cartridge in it. The manipulated toner cartridge tested negative for explosives but is being further tested. A bomb squad was called in to examine a UPS truck in the New York area as well. In general, the risk from these packages is believed to be relatively small.

Acting out of an abundance of caution

UPS trucks and UPS planes are being searched “out of an abundance of caution.”Airports are not being shut down, however, as the risk is believed to be relatively small. Freight distribution may be delayed for a few days, but the overall impact will be pretty small. In other words, though there are suspicious packages, the UPS cargo flights and UPS trucks delayed are far from a reason to be fearful of the holiday packages that may soon start arriving on your doorstep.

CNN report on the UPS planes

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