University of Texas locked down | UT shooting Tuesday

University of Texas-Austin

The UT Shooting was mainly inside the University of Texas-Austin library. Image: Flickr / burningphotography / CC-BY

On the University of Texas-Austin campus this morning, there was a shooting. One, possibly two gunmen entered the Perry-Castaneda library and began shooting. The only reported injury from the UT shooting was the self-inflicted gunshot that killed the University of Texas shooter. Due to the UT shooting, the University of Texas-Austin campus and some surrounding areas remain on lockdown.

UT shooting in library

Around 8 a.m., as classes were beginning at the University of Texas, a shooter entered the Perry-Castaneda library. There are conflicting reports as to if there were one or two shooters. Wearing a ski mask and wielding an assault rifle, possibly an AK-47, the shooter ran across campus into the library. There was a short burst of gunfire, and then the shooter allegedly shot himself. Police are still on the lookout for a possible second shooter.

Only one injury in UT shooting

Thus far, the only injury reported in the UT shooting is the gunman in the library. An adjunct professor and student who encountered the University of Texas gunman reported that he appeared to be shooting into the ground, not at people. SWAT teams have been called into the University of Texas, as have all emergency services.

Lockdown at University of Texas

Almost immediately after the UT shooting began, the University of Texas-Austin campus was locked down. E-mail and text message alerts were sent out to students telling them to lock doors and do not leave their building. Students who were off the UT campus were told to “STAY AWAY.” Businesses around the University of Texas-Austin campus, such as coffee shops and no fax payday loan stores, also locked down. The lockdown caused by the UT shooting will continue for at least a few hours, possibly until the possible second gunman is found or confirmed to not exist.

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