Truck driving jobs and auto industry jobs to surge in near future

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Increasing demand for truck driving jobs and a potential labor shortage in the auto industry will create opportunities for hundreds of thousands of workers as the U.S. economy slowly recovers from the recession. Flickr photo.

As much as 400,000 truck driving jobs and an upcoming labor shortage in the U.S. auto industry promise to put a small dent in the U.S. unemployment rate. The U.S. auto industry and the U.S. trucking industry hemorrhaged jobs during the recession. But as the economy slowly recovers, truck driving jobs and auto industry jobs are returning. The U.S. trucking industry is already seeing driver shortages in some markets. The U.S. auto industry could face a labor shortage within the next few years.

A resurgence of truck driving jobs

Overall the U.S. trucking industry lost almost 150,000 truck driving jobs since the start of 2008. But the industry will create about 200,000 new truck driving jobs by the end of this year. Another 200,000 will be added next year, according to the state of logistics report from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. reports that a number of factors are creating the need for more truck drivers: retirements, tougher safety regulations designed to get drivers with bad records off the road and the need to replace drivers who were laid off during the recession.

Auto industry jobs demand new skills

The U.S. auto industry shed 228,000 jobs in the past two years. But trends show an addition of about 15,000 jobs this year and up to 100,000 new jobs a year from 2011 through 2013 as the auto industry recovers from the recession, according to the Center for Automotive Research. USA Today reports that the new jobs won’t be filled by the legion of union members who lost their jobs when the U.S. auto industry declined. On the factory floor, auto industry jobs are demanding more and different skills, such as computer literacy and the ability to work with less supervision than their predecessors. That likely means education beyond high school.

Truck driving jobs not easy to fill

Truck driving jobs won’t be easy to fill, even with a U.S. unemployment rate reported at 9.7 percent in May, said Rosalyn Wilson, the author of the report featured in the article. She said that trucking companies are going to face a challenge finding the drivers they will need over the next year and half. “It’s not a very attractive profession,” she said. “People want jobs, but they also want their quality of life, to be home with their family at the end of the work day.” The median truck driver salary was $37,730 in May 2009. But most truck driving jobs pay by the mile, and more miles and the driver shortage are likely to increase wages in the years ahead.

Auto industry news: improving outlook

Recent auto industry news supports the prediction of more jobs, but not yet enough to affect the U.S. unemployment rate overall. The Associated Press reports that Chrysler announced it was rehiring almost 400 laid off workers and investing $343 million to build transmissions for Mercedes Benz and Audi at its manufacturing facilities in Kokomo, Ind. Chrysler said the investment, the company’s largest in the U.S. since it exited bankruptcy protection last June, will help retain 1,200 jobs. Meanwhile, U.S. automakers reported double-digit sales increases last month.

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    thank you for sharing this to us. drivers are now in demand. i hope they do pay good to the drivers.

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  3. diesel says:

    many trucking jobs out there?But do they pay they people make more then you.this is my view.if it wasnt for us truckers they wouldnt have anything.get payed for what your worth.Big money,Iam talking.75.000-100.000.even more…….

  4. John Wall says:

    Yeah I agree too. thanks for sharing this post. I don't think so that trucking jobs were getting bit slow because as I can see, more and more company were hiring truck drivers.

  5. paul says:

    The hard part is to find a good trucking company that a driver can trust to be true to what the recruiter tells you.
    To start this new career,only a few trucking companies with hire you with no OTR . So they have you go to truck school then they will have you go with a trainer for 6-8 weeks for $300-350 a week (OTR) over the road for two or three weeks at a time,home two days (hopefully near home). Untill the trainer clears you to be on your own. Then after you pass the training period, you are handed the keys to a tractor. Your home time is at the mercy of the dispatch, and your loads being ready for you are at the mercy of good communication. Some trucking companies are good about all of this and some are bad. There is no way to fine out which are good and which are bad. Then ther is CSA 2010 that is starting up this year. This has a very strick gide lines to keep your roads save, bad drivers and bad carriers off the road. Each citation is triple the points against you or the carrier.This will in time create more job positions, but less Carriers to pick from.

  6. Owner Operator says:

    Another great post keep up the great writing. A very informative article on the future of trucking jobs. We offer a free trucking job application service and find that many companies are having issues with fast turnover rates. We are always searching for cool drivers with clean records that wanna make the big bucks for the long haul.

  7. Carl Weathers says:

    I agree 100% with this post. Trucking always up and its down. But I think it is slowly going up. Which is good we need trucking jobs to help the world go round.

  8. trucking jobs says:


    the post is great…thank you for sharing this information to us.

    also, i really enjoyed reading the blog while im learning about driving jobs.

    thank you


  9. Mark Smith says:

    I have noticed that driver jobs are getting a bit in demand lately anywhere in the globe.

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