Tropical Storm Nicole causes floods in Carolinas

Tropical Storm

The remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole are hitting the Carolinas and causing flooding. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The remains of Tropical Storm Nicole have caused mudslides in Jamaica and will be lashing the East Coast of the United States. North and South Carolina flooding has already begun. North Carolina has declared a state of emergency. There are flood warnings in effect from the Carolinas to Maine. Tornado advisories are in effect from Virginia to Maryland. These are the most significant effects on the mainland of the 2010 hurricane season.

Carolina flooding

The governor of North Carolina, Beverly Purdue, has declared a state of emergency, according to CNN. The remains of Tropical Storm Nicole are hitting the U.S. coast after passing over Jamaica and Cuba. The storm caused the Jamaica mudslides, which recently killed two people. The state received more than a foot of rain in three days, and flooding has begun. The East Coast is expected to be battered by rain, as up to eight inches are expected to fall by Saturday. Wilmington, North Carolina, has already had 15 inches of rain fall. Roads in that area are almost inaccessible.

Tornado watches

There is a strong possibility of a tornado breaking out somewhere on the East Coast because of Tropical Storm Nicole. There is a New Jersey tornado watch and advisories in place from the Carolinas to Maryland. There is a tornado warning and a flash flood warning in effect for Washington, D.C., as well, according to ABC. There is also some anxiety that New York flooding may cause the subway system of New York City to become flooded.

Season not over yet

The 2010 hurricane season will last until the end of November. So far, the U.S. impact has been light compared with past years. Hurricane Igor and Hurricane Earl were thought to be major threats, but they resulted in a bit of wind, rain and little else. The remaining parts of Tropical Storm Nicole should pass before Sunday Night Football is over.




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