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A woman shopping for the holidays online.If you want to get the best holiday deals this season, you need to shop with strategy. There are many holiday websites that can help you compare prices, find store coupons and stay updated on the latest money-saving deals this year. From electronics to clothing and accessories, you can find the best holiday deals online, thanks to Yahoo! and its annual list of top websites of the season.

Find the best holiday websites for deals

If you want the best holiday deals this season, get the deal-hunters to do the dirty work for you., for instance, tracks more than 2,000 retailers online and updates the site at least 200 times a day with thousands of hand-picked holiday deals. Shoppers can also sign up for e-mail alerts and RSS feeds of products and stores you’re interested in. Another plus to the site is that it bans stores with poor customer service, so you know you always get the best deals with quality service.

Compare prices the fast way

If you already have an item in mind and want to know where to go to find the best prices, check out It scours the Internet to create a price list of millions of products from more than 25,000 online merchants. You simply sign up for e-mail alerts that let you know when your favorite products go on sale. So, instead of driving to different brick-and-mortar stores to compare prices on the items you want, save time and holiday money right from the comfort of your home.

Free shipping websites

Shipping costs can add up quickly, and it can be a huge drawback when planning the holidays on a budget. However, with holiday websites like, you can get your hands on free-shipping coupons for more than 3,800 retailers. Another site to check out is, where merchants sign up to guarantee Christmas-Eve delivery for all items — for free. So grab your calendar and mark off Dec. 17 as Free Shipping Day 2010 and save even more this season.


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