Times Square suspicious package causes evacuation

Canada Goose

The Times Square suspicious package was a wild goose chase, but understandable. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Just days after a failed bombing attempt by Faisal Shahzad, a Times Square suspicious package scare caused the evacuation of Times Square by police. The bomb squad was called in to investigate, and traffic was redirected around Times Square.  The package was found near the Marriott Marquis Hotel. The package was just an unattended bag, so there’s no need to get a personal loan for a bomb shelter quite yet.

Times Square suspicious package innocuous

The New York City Police Department brought bomb squad officers in to investigate the suspicious package in Times Square.  The parcel in question was a small, non-plastic, white cooler left unattended, near the Marriott Marquis, near 45th street and Broadway.  The package was reported by a street vendor, and upon investigation by the NYPD, the package was found to contain nothing dangerous, according to the New York Post. The evacuation has been called off.

Times Square suspicious package bottled water

According to the Washington Post, all that the cloth cooler contained was bottled water. Granted, bottled water doesn’t explode, but it could cause the normal person to explode with anger when they realize how much they overpay for it.  (Believe it or not, a fair amount of water bottlers actually use municipal sources – that’s tap water!) Come to think of it, considering what they make the bottles out of, and considering bottled water has less stringent standards than tap, maybe the suspicious package in Times Square was harmful after all.

You aren’t paranoid if they really are out to get you

Though this incident could easily be chalked up to sheer paranoia and may seem laughable, recent events would easily make for an atmosphere conducive to paranoia.  I’d think the same thing, too.  The intersection where the package was found was the same block where Faisal Shahzad’s ticking Times Square car bomb was discovered.  Thankfully, he was totally inept at bomb making. Though this seems a bit of a mountain made out of a molehill, the reality is that unfortunately, an ugly and odious air of Fear and Loathing is setting in. One wonders if we shall ever get a reprieve.

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