Tax free weekend NC 2010 helps families in need

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The recession continues to hit American families hard, leaving them in need of money to meet recurring expenses. Even the cost of putting children through public schools becomes an issue when supplies and other back to school shopping items are considered. However, families with young children and a need for quick cash in North Carolina will catch a break this weekend: it’s tax free weekend NC 2010.

Tax free weekend NC 2010 runs today, August 6 through Sunday, August 8

Families hoping for cash quick have reason to cheer on tax free weekend NC 2010. Individual school supply items may not be expensive, but an entire list of must-haves for the first day of school can quickly add up. Not having to pay sales tax can make a big difference for financially disadvantaged families. The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that many retailers are getting in the spirit and running sales on school items to help even more.

Pencils, paper, notebooks and more will fly off the shelves. Nicole Lawrence, operations supervisor of an Office Max in Buncombe County, North Carolina told the Citizen-Times that “It’s insanity around here. Tax-free weekend is busier than Black Friday for us. It’s that way for most office supply stores.”

Helpful strategies for back-to-school shopping

Consider going to retailers that sell more than just school supplies. Places that sell clothing, sporting goods and other tax-free items could make for a more efficient shopping trip. Remember, less driving means less gasoline consumed. Before leaving, check newspaper and online ads for sales, and do some comparison shopping. If you need a popular item that’s on sale, don’t wait to leave for the store. Perhaps most importantly, be patient. Stores will be busy, and good will is always appreciated.

For those who need extra help

Families who need more financial assistance than North Carolina’s tax-free weekend can provide may be in luck. Such programs as Eblen Kimmel Charities’ “Tools for Schools” program provides some school supplies for families in need, Communications Director Jan Blunt of Buncombe County Schools told the Citizen-Times. The child’s Social Security number and grade level will be necessary for families to participate. Supplies can be picked up at Eblen Kimmel’s main office at 50 Westgate Parkway on Aug. 16. Those who would like to donate new, unopened school supplies for the giveaway are encouraged to do so on Wednesday, Aug. 11 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the Ingles market on Tunnel Road.


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