Starbucks Trenta | 50 cents more than Venti, seven extra ounces


Starbucks is offering a new size, the Trenta, and this time it's no April Fool's joke. Image: Flickr / marcopako / CC-BY-SA

As a part of the changes Starbucks is rolling out for its 40th anniversary, a new “Trenta” size is being introduced. The Starbucks Trenta size will cost 50 cents more than the Venti, and it’s available only for iced drinks. Trenta also adds seven ounces to the Starbucks’ Venti 24 ounces.

Starbucks Trenta size cup – May 3

On May 3 of 2011, two months after the new Starbucks logo is rolled out, a new size cup will be made available. The Starbucks Trenta-size cup will hold 31 ounces and will be available for iced drinks only. The Starbucks Trenta will cost 50 cents more than Venti sized drinks of the same type. The Trenta has been tested in a few stores, but the May 3 release of the Trenta will get started to U.S. stores only — at least at first.

Starbucks Trenta size cup is not an April Fool’s

Some may think that the Starbucks Trenta size cup may be an April Fool’s joke. The Starbucks Plenta and Micra sizes were announced as a part of an April Fool’s joke in the last year. The Trenta size, however, is no joke. At 31 ounces, the Trenta is just one ounce smaller than the infamous 7-Eleven “Big Gulp” size. The Starbucks Trenta size is also slightly larger than the average human stomach capacity.

The cost of the Starbucks Trenta 50 cent cost increase

The additional seven ounces of the Starbucks Trenta size cup makes good financial sense for the company. Along with the new logo, the company is making several small changes intended to help it grow in the next few years. The extra seven ounces of the Trenta size cup will cost the company, at the most, 7 to 10 cents extra. Given that a “standard” markup for a food service industry product is 300 percent, the company stands to make money. Then again, Starbucks and other “fancy” coffee drinks are usually marked up significantly more than that. If you’re a big Starbucks fan, however, than the Trenta size could very well be just what you have been asking for.

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