Standard Hotel in New York Will Ask Guests Not to Strip

What happens at The Standard…

Oh, the things you'll see (Photo:

Oh, the things you'll see (Photo:

There’s something altogether unsavory about including the phrases “Meatpacking District” and “exhibitionism” in the same sentence, but that’s life in the big city. In other words, that’s how they do things in New York – the Big Apple, the land of movie stars, potholes and scores of debt consolidation and debt management customers. Certain people love to do their little turn on that giant catwalk.

The Standard Hotel in New York has drawn some controversy for the way some of their guests leave nothing to the imagination of pedestrians walking by. According to the New York Daily News, the windows are floor-to-ceiling and they face the newly opened High Line Park, where foot traffic is high. Certain guests put on shows for passers-by, clothing optional and curtains open wide.

And staff encouraged the behavior

The Daily News reports that staff members of The Standard that maintained the hotel’s Facebook page were using that forum to encourage guests to walk on the wild side. It is unclear as to whether any content has been removed from the page, but the page itself is still online. At least publicly, management at The Standard Hotel in New York has expressed outrage at such exhibitionism and the employees who may have encouraged it.

“The hotel will make a concerted effort to remind guests of the transparency of the guest room windows,” management officials said in a statement. They would not comment to the Daily News about content on the hotel’s Facebook page, but reiterated that “the hotel has always been sensitive to the concerns of its friends and neighbors.”

Tourist reaction to the show in the sky

High Line Park’s visitor numbers have exploded since the behavior of some Standard Hotel of New York guests has become common knowledge. Peter Jennett, 49, a tourist from London, told the Daily News that he’s been keeping his eye on those windows. “It would be shocking in London,” he said, “but New York is all about showing off.”

One of the designers of High Line Park, Gaspar Libedinsky, is all for the open skin show: “It is like an urban catwalk. It is a place to see and be seen.” Apparently he’s in a Right Said Fred frame of mind, too. It really can’t be helped. I’m too sexy, he’s too sexy… and you’re too sexy for reading this story! Revel in the knowledge that you are a glorious beast. And if you need debt consolidation or debt management help, you’re in the right place for good information.

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